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bedwetting alarm enuretic alarm
Sleep enuresis (Enuresis Nokturna) scientifically is a state that the children who are more than 5 years old urinate at least 2 times in a week when they are in asleep.

The patient can’t feel the contraction and the increase of pressure of the bladder because of deep sleep then wet the bed.

Sleep enuresis is a problem of which the treatment is absolutely neseccary because of mental and social disorders that can be formed.

Dry Days Enuresis Alarm is a cheap, permanent, safe and the most effective treatment procedure instead of the drugs that are expensive and that have some side effects.

It has been proved that alarm treatment can be effective %75-100.

Dry Days Enuresis Alarm can be easily used.

The system of the apparatus immedeately alarm when the patient wet her/his underwear. Because of that, it wakes up the patient and provides the patient to control her/his bladder. After awhile the patient wakes up by responding to the contraction of bladder before getting wet.

The 3 oval fermetures which has been presented in Dry Days Enuresis Alarm pocket are sewed to the right or left sholuder of pajamas. Those 3 oval fermature are used for fastening the apparatus.

After that process, 3 covers for antenna are sewed to the underwear.

Apparatus are fastened to the fermature that is sewed to the pajamas. The communicator cable is extended inside the pajamas and the antenna is placed to its cover.

The first drop of urine is put into use the apparatus then the patient wakes up.

A few weeks, one of the family member wakes up with the patient in order to take the patient to the toilet.

The patient can feel the contraction of bladder and go to the toilet thanks to conditioned reflex after awhile.

You can mark the treatment schedule that is given in the alarm apparatus pocket, in this way when you go to

the doctor for control you can show the schedule. The doctor can easily see process of the treaetment.

The other informations about the usage of the apparatus is informed by the doctor.

PC: You can find the detail about the usage in the use guide.

The content of the pocket::

1 Alarm apparatus

3 fermatures

3 Covers of antenna

1 Schedule of treatment

1 Use guide